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15 Steps To Planning Your Wedding

Step 1: Set Your Budget!
You’re engaged! Congratulations! The first step in the wedding planning process is to decide on a budget for your big day. How much can you realistically afford to put towards your wedding? Who else will be contributing? Do certain family members want to pay for certain things?
Deciding these things early on in the planning process will avoid disappoint down the line. Once the budget is decided, the fun begins! Bridebook has a great budgeting tool on their app. Tip 2!

Step 2: Look For Inspiration!
I’m sure this is the part you’ve been looking forward to! Start to look through Instagram or Pinterest for ideas on colour schemes, flowers, dresses, suits, locations, decor etc. Do you want a rustic country wedding? Or maybe something more formal? There’s so much to think about and you can have lots of fun doing it!

Step 3: Choose The Wedding Party!
Do you know instantly who you’re going to choose to be your maid of honour? How many bridesmaids will you have? Have you thought about page boys and flowers girls? You need not only to think about who you would want to help you and your fiancé with your big day, but also about budget! You may choose to buy the suits, dresses, accessories etc. For the wedding party in which case you’ll need to take this into consideration.

Step 4: It’s time to choose your guest list.
Here are some things to think about:
Are you having day and evening guests? If so, how many, and who will be invited to each part of the day? Are you giving the option of a +1? If you have a venue in mind, what is the capacity? If you have a caterer in mind what is the cost per head? Lots to think about but once you finalise a guest list.. (and a date) then save the dates can be sent out!

Step 5: Pick A Date
A fairly simple one… think about your ideal wedding location. Does it look beautiful all year round or is it suited to a summer wedding. Also think about other events that may clash on that date, or bank holidays etc. If you’re thinking you’d love an autumn/winter wedding but are worried about the cold, we have heaters for all of our tipis and tents to ensure you and your guests are comfortable throughout the day and into the evening.

Step 6: Choose your venue
You’ve probably been thinking about this since you got engaged and maybe you’ve been to see a few venues? Now you’ve decided on the date for your wedding you can check availability with your favourite venue and get it booked! Not long until you can send out save the dates. Take a look at our website for a list of beautiful venues we work with.

Step 7: Book Vendors
So you know when and where you’re getting married, you have your wedding party, guest list and theme ideas. Now you need some vendors! Think about things like:
Caterer – also think about the evening guests. Will you have cheese platters, bacon sandwiches, a pizza van?!
Photographer or videographer to capture your day
Hair & make up for you and your bridal party
Cake Baker
Will you be making the table placements, signage and table plans your self or will you hire someone to do that for you?
DJ or live band
Extras like lawn games, photo booths etc.
We can provide things like tables, chairs, heaters, generators, lighting, flower rings, fire pits, dance floors, bars and staging. All extras available on our website.
We also have a handy list of trusted suppliers on our website

Step 8: Send Out Save The Dates
Save the dates are a great idea if your wedding is still a little way off you want to ensue your guests can prepare travel, accommodation etc. in advance. Most couples choose to send save the dates out 8-10 months prior to the wedding but obviously you could send them out when you have a fixed date. If you’re getting married abroad, save the dates are particularly important as guests may have to make extra arrangements to attend your wedding. You can choose to send cards or electronic saves the dates but you should ensure they include all of the relevant info: Names of bride and groom, dates (of course!), location and then a note to say ‘formal invite to follow’.

Step 9: Dress/Suit!
This is a very exciting step for brides to be! If you’re like me, you probably have an idea of the type of dress you want and will most likely have pinned LOADS of ideas on your Pinterest wedding board. It’s a good idea to try a few different styles on as you may fall in love with a completely different style of dress. You may want to choose the suits based on your overall colour theme? Or maybe the groom has a set style/colour in mind. Whatever you decide on, remember you will be wearing this all day so its important to be comfortable. You will need to ensure you have your dresses and suits in plenty of time as you may need alterations!

Step 10: Look At Honeymoon
This is a little way off yet but its important to decide where and when you will be going on your honeymoon. Will you be leaving straight after your wedding or will you be waiting a while? Will you be travelling far way to an exotic land or will you choose somewhere close to home? It’s a good idea to have a search and gather some prices for different options so you can choose your perfect romantic getaway. Some couples choose to do a mini-moon, which as the name suggests, is a smaller, maybe nearby honeymoon. Great to relax and enjoy some alone time while also being a bit kinder on the bank balance!… You can always plan a big honeymoon further down the line!

Step 11: Wedding Bands
This is entirely personal preference. Some couples choose to have their wedding bands matching the engagement ring and think of them as a complete set, and some choose something completely different! It’s up to you. Pinterest has lots of ideas if you are looking for inspiration.

Step 12: Send Invites
Traditionally, couples send wedding invites 6-8 weeks before the big day but you may choose to do this earlier. If you have sent save the dates, the website/designer you ordered them from will be able to create matching invites to keep in line with your theme. Details to include on your invites: names of the couple, location of the wedding, date and time of the wedding, ceremony and reception details, dress code, RSVP info, directions, accommodation details, taxi numbers. You may choose to include an addressed return envelope for RSVP’s?

Step 13: Seating Plan
Your big day is drawing closer and you need to decide on the layout of your wedding. Will you have long tables or round tables? Will you have a top table? Will you choose to seat people in groups with people they know or mix it up? When you hire from us we can provide you will a detailed floorplan so you can visualise the layout of your tent or tipi.

Step 14: Confirm Wedding Details
So the big day is approaching and all the planning is coming to an end. With so much going on and so many different people involved in your wedding day you’ll want to ensure that everybody knows what to do and when. Contact all of your vendors and double check they have all of the relevant info so you have nothing to worry about.

Step 15: Get Married!
This is what it’s all been leading up to! Just relax and enjoy the day you’ve been planning for so long. You’ll be surrounded by your family, friends and most importantly the love of your life!