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Generators For Weddings And Parties


You really will need a generator for your celebrations if the tipi or Sailcloth tent is more than 30 metres from a house or other building from which it is possible to connect multiple leads to plug sockets on different trip circuits.

A band will invariably claim that their equipment draws the most electricity but, in reality, the heaviest demands come from caterers, lighting and bathroom facilities. A 20kVA (kilo volt-ampere) generator might just prove adequate for a wedding, party or other event attended by 100 people, but to be on the safe side, we would always go with a 40kVA-plus generator to ensure your guests are not abruptly plunged into silent darkness!

Most of our generators have tanks holding between 100-200 litres of diesel: sufficient to provide power for between 14-20 hours, depending on the demands made on them. One point to remember is that a catering chiller unit might well need to be connected to a separate supply the night before your event in order to keep drinks cool. Inevitably, this will use up more diesel…and, just possibly, upset the neighbours if they are too close because even our modern, silenced generators still make about as much noise as a diesel car idling.

Holmsted Events will supply a 45kVA – with fuel, full distribution, delivery, installation and collection – for £650 plus VAT.