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Have you thought about hiring toilets for your event?

Not surprisingly, perhaps, toilet facilities are not uppermost in people’s minds when planning a wedding. But they definitely warrant getting right for any sort of celebration.

We always strongly advise against using the loos in a nearby house if more than 80 people are attending your event. Not only will you face the inevitability of lengthy queues, but domestic toilet systems are simply not designed to cope with large traffic volumes and risk becoming blocked.

A trailer toilet is always the best option, with a prestige or luxury trailer recommended for weddings. For festivals and other large events, ‘standard’ or ‘event’ trailer toilets will suffice: they are marginally cheaper as they are more basic, but they will cope well with large traffic volumes.

A 2+1 trailer toilet means that it offers a ladies’ section with two toilet cubicles plus a vanity area, and a gent’s section with one cubicle plus urinals and a vanity area. Such a unit is sufficient for up to 120 guests – anything beyond that and you really need to go for a 3+1 trailer. A note of caution: some toilet companies might steer you towards whatever trailer units they have available. But always stick to the guidelines we recommend, otherwise smaller toilets will run out of hand-washing water and your guests could find themselves facing queues.