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Flowers for a Tipi

When thinking about who to ask for tips about flowers for a tipi we couldn’t imagine anyone better than Sue of Sue Davies Flowers. She has been been making flower lovers swoon since 1974 with her seasonal approach and abundant knowledge in the field. Take a look through her tips and tricks for creating sensational florals for your tipi.

– Make a feature of the natural timber poles – Depending on the configuration of your tipis, wrap garlands around poles that are accessible and ivy/ foliage around the structure of the tipi. Bringing the outside in, continuing your look and adorning that amazing interior space.

– Why not also surround the entrances to the tipi with foliage. Providing an extra flourish that will look fantastic in photographs. If using a table or entrance foliage garlands that don’t sit in water; make sure to keep them in water and install on the morning of the wedding. Otherwise it will look very sad.  Try to install flowers at the last minute – your florist will wait until the last moment to install the arrangements to keep the flowers at their best, because even if it is an overcast day it can still feel warm inside. If you are doing any natural floral/foliage elements yourself, leave as late as you can!

Photo by Kerry Ann Duffy

– Opt for flower rings to adorn the ceilings – as holmsted explain they can provide the mechanism for this so that your florist can create something spectacular: “Our flower rings are a great centerpiece which can be used in both our Sailcloth tents and tipis. We will lower them down before your event which enables your florist to dress them and then they can be easily pulled up on the day of your event to create a stunning floral piece. “

Sustainable tip: Avoid the use of oasis, not only is it not recyclable but unless it is placed in a deep container they are prone to running out of water in marquees and tipis on a hot day.

– Consider steering clear of freestanding arrangements/pedestals. They can get in the way and disaster beckons once guests start moving. If you would like to include freestanding arrangements, perhaps have them outside by the marquee walls where there is no footfall. 

– Flowers on tables – Collections of small bottles, vases and jars or floral garlands can make wonderful table arrangements. They are low and therefore do not obstruct the view across the table or take up too much room. You could also get inventive and run with a theme like they have in the image below:

– A final point would be to consider the warm tone of the tipi. When choosing a colour palette for your wedding day florals consider what works. A bright mix looks great and provides plenty of colour that will look wonderful with the warm backdrop.


Tipis pictured are by Holmsted Events

Florals and table centres pictured are by Sue Davies Flowers

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